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Other Works

Generation of Men (WIP)

Generations of Men is a script for a miniseries I am currently writing. It is inspired by my familial and cultural history. Logline: "Meet the Beaker Family across 3 generations: Grandpa Arie, his son Frank, and grandson Richard; as the inter-generational power of trauma, neglect, and compassion is revealed." The script will follow the three men from childhood to burgeoning adulthood to fatherhood itself as they struggle to cope with each other and the historical circumstances of their life, ranging from the Holocaust to the Cold War to COVID. Available upon request.

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Long Take Exercise

A 2-minute scene I shot, edited, and directed for a class exercise in February 2021. The goal of this assignment was to create a long scene that gives the impression of being a single take. 

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Political Science Works

As a Political Science Major, I have worked on numerous research projects as both a paid Research Assistant and as lead researcher. I have coded in R extensively for data visualization, analysis, prediction and modeling. I single-handedly programmed a Python text scraper to search for text keywords across the entire congressional record (every word ever spoken in Congress), and created an academic Qualtrics survey that featured 40+ questions. I am happy to provide any of these papers on request.

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Lulu & Flippy  [SCRIPT]

The script for my senior capstone film, "Lulu & Flippy," about friendship and loss. You can download it by clicking the image below.

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Murder Scene Exercise

A 30 second scene I shot, edited, and directed for a class exercise in January 2021. 

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Those Few Remaining

Outlined and wrote an 180-page film script for a post-apocalyptic movie over the course of two years (2016-2018), working closely with a playwright who mentored me.

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